Roll Away The Stone

Easter is not an event that took place two-thousand years ago in Jerusalem.  Rather, it is an event that happens inside of us as we awaken to our Divine nature.  It is also true that Easter does not happen at any specific time of year, but rather it happens continually in our hearts and minds as we roll away the blocks that keep us from experiencing heaven on earth.

There is so much going on the world that makes us want to close off, to judge, and to wall ourselves away from the outside world.  The daily news may leave us feeling terrorized, the politics in our nation may make us feel disheartened, and the poverty and homelessness we witness on a daily basis may make us feel discouraged.  We may think that what we are up against is unique or insurmountable.

However, what we are facing in the modern world is not something new or unique.  The Romans used crucifixion to terrorize and control the population of Palestine in the first century.  The poverty and homeless of the first century was mindboggling, and there was no such thing as free speech.  Jesus's response to all of this was forgiveness and love.  This Holy Week, let us remember his example and practice love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of blame, and faith in the place of despair.

I look forward to Rolling Away The Stone and celebrating Easter with you this Sunday, and all year round.