The Spiritual Lessons of Moana

Event Date: 
10:30am to 11:45am

The Spiritual Lessons of Moana

With Rev. Ken Daigle
Sunday, November 11th
10:30 AM


Don't miss this amazing service at Unity San Francisco!  Disney's Moana is written by the creator of the hit musical, Hamilton, who imbues the film with his modern sensibility for storytelling.  Inside this amazing tale is not only the Hero's Journey, but empowerment for women, care for our Divine Mother Earth, healing of hurts and resentments, and forgiveness for the behaviors that we all exhibit when we feel our heart has been stolen from us.

Join Rev. Ken and an amazing cast of musicians as we explore this epic spiritual story at our Sunday Service!

JD Schramm will host an interactive activity for the children, so bring your family and friends!