Spiritual Playdate

Spiritual Playdate

10:30 am every Sunday



Unity San Francisco is providing a program especially created for children that is an age-appropriate, new, fresh interfaith method to share, teach, learn, and explore spirituality.

 The compilation of books, meditations, movies, prayers, and songs that are presented to children through this program will introduce them to spiritual ideas and enhance their life.

Spiritual Playdate is a lightly structured, regularly committed time to talk about god, common principles, and traditions and will be presented to children at our 10:30 am Service each week.

In addition, for those parents who would like to continue this spiritual process with their children at home, here is a letter that provides information about how to do so.  Unity San Francisco is more than happy to answer your questions, so either call us at 415-474-0440 or email us by clicking here.


Dear Parents,

Unity San Francisco is excited to announce that we recently joined Spiritual Playdate as an Affiliate Member.  At a time when it is more important than ever to find ways to foster understanding and acceptance of varying beliefs, Spiritual Playdate provides a fresh, new web-based interfaith program to help parents and kids (ages 5-10) explore the topics of faith and spirituality through a series of interfaith playdates.  Spiritual Playdate mandates no specific traditions or beliefs but rather cultivates respectful and engaging discussions around these complex topics with the goal of fostering acceptance and respect for all beliefs.  To learn more, visit www.spiritualplaydate.com.

As an Affiliate Member, we have access to the full Spiritual Playdate curriculum to use within our organization.  We will begin using it as part of our youth program but we would also like to make it available for you to use at home.  We are excited to be able to offer a $5 discount to you if you sign up for an individual Premium Membership.  When you log on to sign up for an individual annual Premium Membership, https://spiritualplaydate.com/membership-account/membership-levels/, just enter the following access code to get the $5 discount on your annual membership:  2222Bush

We look forward to really engaging with this innovative interfaith program for kids. 


The Youth and Family Team at Unity San Francisco