Spiritual Renewal

The world seems to move faster and faster.  There is more to do and less time to do it all.  Each new product and device seems to be created solely for us to get things done more efficiently, shop faster, quicker access to your documents, your email, your appointments.  So, how come there never seems to be time left over?  Perhaps we are looking for all the wrong things in all the right places.

What if the purpose of engagement in this world were not to get things done, but to appreciate what is?  What if the goal was not to clear your inbox, but to connect, really connect with someone else?  Or what would your life be like if you stopped trying to have the perfect home, job, or family, and celebrated the divine imperfection in each moment, each person, or the fleeting nature of nature itself?

This Sunday, join me as we explore what it is like to breathe into Spiritual Renewal and learn how to achieve it anywhere and anytime.