Stained Glass

This coming week, we will begin the process of removing, restoring, and reimagining the stained glass in our Page Street home.  Much of the glass is in very bad shape, and the restoration work cannot wait if we are to save these 110-year-old windows.  Each window will be individually documented and removed from its frame as it is taken to the workshop of Helios Art Glass Studios, where artisans will work on the restoration process for the next nine months.

The total cost to restore and reimagine all of these beautiful windows is approximately $150,000.00.  This restoration process can start in part because a donor has committed $30,000 with a 5-year pledge.  There are six remaining opportunities for you and your family to join in this effort and have a window dedicated to you or to someone you love.  Also, you can pledge $1,000 and fulfill the pledge over three years (less than $30 per month) to sponsor a section of a window.

If you have any questions or want to speak with us about this project, please contact us at  We look forward to partnering with you on this project and watching the beauty of our bilding continue to reemerge.