Stewardship or Receivership?

During Rev. Ken's sabbatical, Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency will be contributing to the weekly blog.

Rev. Dr. Martha Creek will be blessing us with her presence this week.  She will be speaking on Sunday about the power of stewardship, which can be defined as the responsible management of something in your care.  As a member organization, the stewardship of Unity San Francisco lies with the collective vision and wisdom of its members.  This past Sunday, at the Town Hall Meeting, the members of Unity San Francisco had a powerful opportunity to exercise their stewardship.

For the past few years, Unity San Francisco has been actively holding the vision for a new building that will meet our changing and expanding needs as a community.  Our current property was placed on the market, and we have been actively seeking our next home.  At the Town Hall Meeting, membership overwhelmingly voted to accept an offer that has been made to purchase our building.  This offer is truly answered prayer.  We have up to a year to find a new home, with the understanding that if that hasn't happened within the year, we can withdraw from the offer without any penalty.  It truly is Our Year of Manifestation!

I am humbled and grateful for the ongoing discussions, dialogue, questions, and the willingness of membership to consciously steward Unity San Francisco into our next 100 years.  In all that we do, we emody love, wisdom, clarity and vision.