Turn It Over

You may feel, as I sometimes do, that the positive energy we are putting into the word is all for naught and that the loud, angry, and divisive voices in our world are winning. It is in these moments that I pause and remember the starfish story: "I may not be able to save every starfish washed up on the beach, but my actions surly make a difference to the ones I can throw back in the ocean."

Remaining steadfast and true to ourselves and our dreams in the face of societal pressure or intense disappointment is not easy. It is essential if we are to manifest our true abundance. Our ability to consistently pursue our goals and desires is the number one indicator of our success. Our happiness and fulfillment are dependent on knowing and following our inner guidance.

The divine paradox is that while remaining steadfast, we must be open to constant change.  The long and winding road has immense value, for every time we make an adjustment to our course, we have the opportunity to learn something from the path.

Today, I turn the results over to the One Power and One Presence and offer myself in service to the world. I invite you to, embrace the cliché and be the change you wish to see in the world.