Visualize Your Life!

Last Sunday, we looked at the work of Louise Hay and her groundbreaking book, "You Can Heal Your Life."  What a poignant reminder it was to me of the power we all have to name and claim the life of our dreams.
What do you want the rest of this year to be like for you?  Are you planning for this fall to be the best one ever?  Or are you spending your time thinking about what could go wrong?  What might happen if you took time every day to envision and to visualize a life that has you excited to wake up every morning?  Imagine what might happen if you would dedicate some time during these weeks and months to seeing yourself making bold, powerful choices in your life.

The first step in my process of manifestation is to name and claim your dream.  This week, spend time in prayer and meditation to clarify your abundant vision for your life.  How do you want your relationships to be?  How do you see your health?  What do you want, for your vocation and avocation?  Where are your bank balances and income?

Instead of seeing your life unchanged or spending time and energy in worry, actively envision your life as full, magnificent, peaceful, and prosperous.  Dream big, and then you will live big.