Who We Are

It is our joy to welcome you to our spiritual community!

Unity San Francisco has been a proud presence of progressive spirituality since 1919, and in that time our message of positive, practical spiritual living has resonated with people of all backgrounds and faith traditions.

When you walk through our doors you will be warmly welcomed and accepted exactly as you are. Poet and author Maya Angelou’s journey as a lifelong Truth student began at our church in the 1950s. The powerful message she received—God loves me—is one of the hallmarks of our theology and the Truth we live and love to share.

If you think of yourself as spiritual but not religious, you’ll surely feel at home at Unity San Francisco. We understand that many have not had an experience of religion as positive, loving, and accepting. At Unity, we embrace the best aspects of religion—faith, devotion, service—and leave behind the dogma and rigidity that have left some people feeling judged and marginalized.

Our Sunday experience is celebratory, with a rotation of world-class singers and musicians who raise the roof while lifting spirits, the minister’s passionate and inspiring message, centering meditation, affirmative prayer and many chances for hugs, handshakes, and fellowship.

Our commitment to spiritual growth doesn’t end on Sunday! Throughout the week, you’ll find many opportunities to spend time with fellow seekers by taking part in a continually changing array of classes and workshops, all designed to encourage spiritual growth and deepening. At Unity San Francisco, we know that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and we love to grow, laugh and learn together.

At Unity San Francisco, we want you to come as you are … and grow into who you are becoming.