Year of Abundance

Here at Unity San Francisco we named 2017 A Year of Abundance! To us that means we are aware of and celebrating the amazing gifts that are constantly flowing to and from this spiritual community.

Our amazing music team who inspire us weekly. Our devoted prayer chaplains who remind us of the highest Truth in every moment.  Our amazing ushers and greeters who warm our Sunday’s with a smile and a hug.  The guest speakers and workshop leaders who bless us with their wisdom and unique insights.  Our LUT’s who help us to see and know that everything is possible.  Our amazing Board of Trustee’s who envision and create the best for Unity San Francisco and of course Rev. Ken, who blesses us with his powerful messages and inspiring classes.

Further than that is the powerful gifts we give to the world, the broadcast of our Sunday lessons which affect people all over the world who have never been to our services.  The gifts of food and clothing we distribute, which touch the lives of many individuals and families throughout this area. And the Teddy bear drive, and the Foster Kids toy drive which brings joy and love to many children when they need it most. 

All of these things and many more are demonstrations of our abundance. In fact, they are almost too numerous to list.  The year of Abundance is about our realization of the blessings we already live in and the conscious welcome of even more. 

We believe that as we live in the awareness of these blessing our financial prosperity will also grow. While our Year of Abundance is not about our finances, We certainly will welcome more finical prosperity as well. Think of the good that we could do with that!

We invite you to look at Unity San Francisco and at your own life with the eyes of abundance.  Together, we will make this our Year of Abundance!