You Can Heal Your Life!

In speaking affirmations, we are giving voice to the desires of our heart - the longing of the divine to manifest through our lives.  We may experience these longings physically, but the root of these desires is always spiritual, and it is the spiritual truth that we affirm.  We may wish for a partner, or for earthly riches; when we affirm in truth that there is no separation and that we are abundant beyond measure, we clear the way for its earthly manifestation.

Affirmations and Denials are important to new Truth students, as a way of self-training the mind that has lived too long in error and false belief.  We don't affirm what we desire in order to make it come true, or deny anything that, in fact, exists.  Rather, we deny that apparent evil has power and affirm Truth because it is already true and we wish to see it in our lives.

Join us this Sunday for a fun-filled service dedicated to examining and reimagining Affirmations and Releases!