"You Can Heal Your Life" with Laura Taylor

Event Date: 
1:00pm to 3:00pm

You Can Heal Your Life

Use your innate Spiritual Power to create a life you love

With Laura Taylor, Licensed Unity Teacher
Sundays, November 12th - December 10th
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Unity teaches that when we change our consciousness, we can change our life.  But often, when stress and pain enter our lives, we lose the clarity to see just how our consciousness needs to change.  This keeps us from using our innate and creative Spiritual Ability to produce the health, prosperity, and positive situations we want.  In fact, and often unknown to us, we use our Divine Potential to get us even more stuck.

Stop this rip-tide pattern of struggle and create an inspiring life, radient health, prosperity, and joy.

This course is a Transformational Exploration into the underpinnings of your life.  You will use ancient wisdom teachings and advanced consciousness-changing tools to heal your past and create the future you have longed for.

Discover deeply held beliefs that keep you stuck in situations that you don't desire.

Learn to apply the full potential of your creative powers to gain a life you love.

This course is a book study of You Can Heal Your Life by metaphysical teacher, Louise Hay.  Over 50 million copies have been sold all over the world, empowering millions of people to gain health, wealth, and lives they love.

"May this book help you find the place within where you know your own self-worth, the part of you that is pure love and self acceptance."  --Louise Hay

The required text for this course can be purchased in the Unity San Francisco lobby during Sunday Celebration Service.