Your Year of Manifestation

When you listen to the longing of your heart, what is it that you want to manifest?  Too often in this world, we are persuaded to change course to belong, or to mold who we truly are to fit in.  We are tempted by the advertising world to buy the latest product to be cool and, of course, sexy!  We are cajoled by our jobs to dress for success, toe the party line, and to meet someone else's goals.  We go off course by succumbing to peer pressure, and by the shiny tweet of a celebrity or a politician.  (Today, there seems to be little distinction between the two.)

Remaning steadfast and true to our heart's desire in the face of such pressure is not easy.  It is essential if we are to manifest our heart's desire.  Our inner and outer happiness and fulfillment is dependent on knowing and following our guidance and listening to our own heart.  The cliche, "I have to be myself, everyone else is taken," speaks to the truth of our unique manifestation.  You have within you a gift to give the world that no one else can give.  When you set out to manifest from the wisdom within you, each step you take is a blessing to the world.

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